Need pointers where I can get this chair made

Guys… I joined to forum hoping to find help in making a chair, picture given below.
I didn’t realise that it didn’t quite fit into any of the categories.
I thought I’d post anyway - hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

The chair I need:

  • I want to find the manufacturer - but want to make a prototype in the first instant.
    The prototype needs to have my branding and just some superficial covering - the chair itself is OK for the first version.

  • The chair has a table that swings round to the front from the side and can be adjusted up and down and twisted at different angles. This is EXACTLY how I need!

  • I’ve tried Alibaba and Chinese contacts I have. No luck. :confused:

  • The chair is sold by plenty of places. It’s a ‘camping directors chair’ (with a swivel table).

  • I can buy the chair and customise to get my prototype - but, I need to undo bolts and replace. I’ve done LOADS of research on this - the end result was that I need a special rivet widget tool that is used in Aviation that cost about £150 (I’m in the UK).

  • ALL of the parts to make the chair are nothing special. I’m getting Chinese manfucaturers quote they want to charge $750 to make a prototype. So the problem is… I have worked loooads with the Chinese - I have someone who works for me part time in China - but I know they will still get it wrong. They cannot follow simple instructions. I know they WILL get it wrong - even if I send the actual chair to them!! I would prefer to find a factory that already makes this chair - so no time and efforts wasted reinventing the wheel.

Any ideas where I can do to get help?

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

All western manufacturers would probably have outsourced the work to China, Vietnam or Banladesh as its a mutiparts assembly with fabric parts which should be cheaper at low wages then in full automation environment in moderate amounts.
Why not to ride a foreign horse… carefully study the competitors seat make a clever interface and just sell the desk to clamp or snap on. So you may have two desks on one chair…

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