Need help with omtech k40 with smoothieboard lightburn

Omtech k40+ with smoothieboard constantly firing.

So i purchased an omtech k40 laser on eBay it came with an extra smoothieware board that is compatible with lightburn. I installed the board and started running that laser with lightburn everything seems to be ok except the laser constantly fires unless it is manually turned off at the k40 unit it keeps marking my projects up because the laser is not pulsing it is just constantly firing a direct beam when it’s on . Also the laser test will not work unless I press the one on the power supply inside the panel and the test indicator light is on at all times . This can’t be normal right something has got to be messed up .

We would need to see how the machine is wired.
Picture of wiring to-from

  • Control panel
  • LPS
  • Controller