Need help to fix k40

‘‘Why is it on yet there is no 5V on the output pin?’’ didn’t understand that part.
Nothing is contested and still 5v output and ground is .46V

This is why Don asked you to move the red DMM test lead from the 5V output on the LPS over to the 24V output of the LPS or the 24V output of the external 24V power supply. Something is not “adding up” so verifying things is what you have to start doing to make sure what looks like is happening really is happening.

The LED says there is 5V avail yet we are not measuring it at the output pin.
Either the supply is broken or we are measuring something wrong.

50W LPS is bad, from what it seems. I plugged back in for a fast test of my old 40W LPS and G-5V reeds 5V. And when I press the test button on the 40W LPS laser fires.

How bad would it be if I use my 50W laser tube with an old 40W LPS?

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You can use your 40w tube with the 50w supply just keep your current in the range for that tube.

Cloudray should replace your LPS.


On what I should keep eye for current?

Just to be sure.
Tube what I have now in machine.


You generally want to run tubes under their max current anyway for improved lifetime.

Just use an analog ammeter to stay within the current limit for sure, as we recommend in the K40 Intro linked at the top.

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This is a new tube? It manufacture date is 3 years ago?

IMHO, I think he’s got a wiring error to the lps…

This is mine… when I remove the whole connector circled in white, the machine will lase with the test button…

All you should have to do to test the lps is remove that connector… none of these signals are required when you use the test button…

@goldmanis3 using the 40W lps should work, but you will have an increase in response time for the tube to lase.