Need help on E3D PT100 Wiring on Smoothieboard 5xC

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Good Afternoon

I read all the documentation I could find regarding wiring the E3D PT100 and it’s amplifier board to the Smoothieboard 5xC, however I found mixed information and want to get some help on the topic.

Looks like I need AVCC, AGND and ADC pins in order to properly wire the E3D PT100. The documentation mention that newer Smoothieboards comes with header AVCC and AGND pins. The only pins I could find was AGND from the thermistors section of the board. It also looks like I need an ADC pin for signal. Not sure how to identify them. The documentation suggest 1.30 or 1.31, however I have both being used by my Viki2 LCD Display. Another documentation also mention the signal thermistor pins (0.23, 0.24, 0.25 and 0.26) as ADC, however looks like they cannot be used due to how PT100 works compared to regular thermistors.

I also read posts with people saying the board was designed for ultimaker and not to be used on the smoothieboard, but also read that Smoothieboard support the E3D PT100 Amplifier board.

At this point I am not certain where to connect any of the pins and I am afraid of killing the ADC port. Can someone tell me how they wired the E3D PT100 Amplifier board to the Smoothieboard ?

Appreciate it, thank you

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(Arthur Wolf) #2


If you can’t find AVCC, then it’s possible your board is too old, do you have a v1.1 or an older version ?

If your pin 1.30 is used by the Viki2, then you need to use another pin on the board for that part of the viki2 ( it’s fully configurable, just use any free pin ) so that you can then use pin 1.30 for the pt100


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Thank you for the answer Arthur. I followed your advice and moved the Viki2 pin. I disconnected the Viki2 light ring from 1.31 and moved the BTN pin from 1.30 to 1.31, so now I have a free 1.30 ADC Pin.

About the AVCC and AGND, I have a v1.1 Smoothieboard 5xC. I am checking the board and also the pinout documentation page, but I cannot seem to find any AVCC pins. The only pins I can find that are analog are the AGND pins from the thermistors section. Can you tell me how to identify AVCC and AGND pins on the board? I believe I have them since my board is a new one (purchased one month ago from Openbuilds), but I might be lacking the skill to identify them in the board.

Thank you, appreciate it

(Arthur Wolf) #4

AVCC and AGND are the two pins right next to the 8 thermistor pins, on the v1.1

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Arthur, thank you a lot man, found them, soldered the pins, hooked up the PT100 and everything is working like a charm. Thank you, really appreciate the help !

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Hi, I am trying to figure out the same question. Do you mind pointing out the AVCC and AGND pins for me or even send a picture? I see two spare pins next to the 8 thermistor pins, but don’t know which one is AVCC and which one is AGND. Thanks a lot!