Need help getting correct spindle direction with Nowforever d100 VFD

I bought an r7 back in 2017 and as we all know, life happens. Since then everything that could happened has, but good news, im finally getting around to using my r7 (gradius m1 pro and nowforever d100, Aspire, UGCS) At least trying to.

My spindle will only turn counter clockwise, regardless of m3/m4 command, and gcode cant control it, i have to do it manually. Im assuming it has something to do with the nowforever d100 but cant find a manual for it to set the Px-xxx values.

Any one know how to set it to spin the right direction and how to get the gcode to control it?

I don’t have this particular setup, but when Brandon close up Hobbyfab / SMW3D he gave me his files which I put up on Github. Looking through the files it doesn’t look like there was provisioning for spindle reverse. Here are the files: GitHub - eclsnowman/R7-CNC: R7-CNC by SMW3D aka Hobby-Fab (with Eric Lien)

Some quick googling some people get things working over Modbus with Mach3: Modbus Spindle Help
I am not sure how GRBL communicates with/over Modbus

Looking at the wiring diagrams for the E100 VFD (best I can find), you can close the contact between common and X1 or X2 to switch between forward and reverse. Not sure how to get Grbl to change the output based on direction. You will have to read up on that.

Here is where I found the manual for the E100: NOWFOREVER MANUAL E-100.pdf | DocDroid