Need Help Fixing Heater Error I recently installed an all-metal hot end for my

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Need Help Fixing Heater Error

I recently installed an all-metal hot end for my Monoprice Maker Ultimate and now I can not seem to print for more than about 5 minutes without getting a heater error. I checked to make sure that my set screws were snug and found that they were missing, so I ordered and installed them but it’s still not working. I left the printer off all night and checked the heater cartridges resistance which was from 15 - 17 ohms. Next, I checked the thermocouple resistance and found that be about 115 ohms. Everything seems to be reading fine as far as I know.
The problem will happen during the print. The printer will heat up everything just fine and then drop in temperature once and then raise the temperature past the set temperature and then start cooling off again. On that second cycle, it never comes back up to the correct temperature. Last night I watched it go up to 215 then down to like 208 then to 218 then down to 204 where it never recovered and errored out.
I have been chasing this problem for about a week now and have hit a block. Please, any help would be great.


So I attempted to heat up my nozzle in my maintenance menu and I was able to hold the temperature at 215 for some time. This led me to think that maybe my ribbon cable was coming loose during the printing so I hot glued the connector in place and ran a print. After laying down the first layer and staying at 215 roughly the print continued. Shortly thereafter maybe about 2 minutes later, if that, I got the heater error again.


I think I finally got it actually. Turns out that my fan was putting such a strain on my heater that it couldn’t keep up. I turned my fan to 0% and let it run a while and then incrementally turned it up to 100%. Everything seems to be running smoothly now. So my next question is should I replace my heater with a stronger one and how do I determine what I can use. I checked the Ulitmate 3D Printing Store and found one that should work, but it doesn’t say anything more than it will fit the MMU printer. I would at least like to know the wattage.


I have been able to replicate my results which to me is always a good thing. If I start the print off with 0% fan during the initial layer and then bump it up to 50% and wait for it to settle, then the error message never pops up. Once it settles with 50% fan then I up it up to 75%, let it settle and then finally 100%. After that my prints turn out as expected. Guess it is time to find a stronger heater I suppose.

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Is the fan blowing on the same part of the hot end with the new setup as it was with the old? It’s possible that a longer hot end is now getting more fan cooling than before, for example.

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Another thing you could try, if you have any, is to wrap the heating block with Kapton tape, like is done on the original J-head hotends. Or get a silicon sock to insulate the heatblock from the cold air coming through.

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@Jon_Charnas I have wanted to get one of those silicon socks, any good recommendations?

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Only that you get one for your hotend, e3d makes some for the v6, Hexagon makes some for theirs, dyze as well… Really depends what you have