Need help ! burned teeth belt

hi got problem
loaded bad vector in k40 wisp
and after 20 min of calculating it just started when i wasnt there
and mdf start fire and burn a bit that black belt with teeth that run lens
what kind i need to replace it ?
can u use one from delta 3d printer i dont use any more ?

is this what i need ?
just to get b648mxl that is around 1m length and 2mm pitch ?

x Axis belt is 2mm pitch 6 mm width.

If you are EU based you can order it here. HP Perrson's Blog and EU Based Shop

he dont have it

You can also order it from I believe. US Supplier but im sure they ship internationally.

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I checked LO first and they are also out of stock on the belt.

D’oh, guess everyone is burning belts this week… lol

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What length i need for x axis ? Guy from ebay only got 900mm length

I think that might be too small, or extremely close. I think you want at least 1000mm.

Crap and no one got that in europe how i see it ,only china but on same page it say g2 and t2,5 fir same belt

As I understand it G2 and T2.5 actually have different teeth profiles. While you could probably use a t2.5 you might see more backlash compared to a G2.

So only mxl 6mm with 2mm teeth ?
But where to find it ?

There are not thaf many toothshapes in 2mm.
T2,5 is the smallest TBelt my sources have available.
AT3 upwards
HDP 5 upwards.

If you are targeting GT2 ( not sure as I don’t have such a lasercutter ) and open belt situation, so to be closed on or by the carrier you could check Amazon and get 6m pieces for a few bucks.
If your Firmware is
Flexible you also could think about changing the pulleys for GT2 use there are also different sizes / toothcounts available… To improve availability of belts for your system…

Hope that a link to a source is ok here and not taken as advertizing…

Just another hit rather short closed belts but MXL style… MXL does not 100% 2mm pitch as the seller tells in the short spec…

It seems has some in stock:

You meight also find it at Misumi: