Need Help Blowing fuse when power strip is turned on

Just got a new K40, I replaced the front panel with a custom version. I removed the power wires to the rocker switch but I marked them before I did so that I made sure I connected them back correctly.
The second I turn on the power to my power strip that the laser is plugged into it pops the fuse.
I put a piece of blue tape on the switch before I disconnected any wires and marked the wires and the tape with a red marker.
Its the only thing I can think of that could be the problem and some how I have the wires connected wrong.
Below is a couple images of the connection. Can someone please tell me if this is plugged back in wrong.

When you turn that switch on, it connects black to black and red to red. In its off position, none of the pins are connected.

And you also pop the fuse when that switch isn’t even on?

Do you have a multimeter?

Yes I have a multimeter. Thats what I assumed it was just establishing the connection in the red and black wires. This is acting like the red and black are shorted.
I dont remember which position it was in but I will go put in another fuse and make sure it is in the off position and see if it blows the fuse again.

If you disconnect the 4 wires and then turn on the strip does it still blow the breaker?

Be carefull not to let the open wires short.

Ok with the switch in the off position it does not blow the fuse. The power strip I am using does not have a breaker built in.

This is the kind of power strip I am using. I have other stuff plugged into it and it does not cause an issue for any of the other devices plugged into it.

If the Power supply is set for 220v by chance could this cause it to blow the fuse? I have read a few times that people have received units in the US with the PSU with it set to 220v.

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Did this K40 power on ok before you made the mods?

I don’t know I never even turned it on, I wanted to get all the safety stuff done before I even turned it on so I did them all at one, but I never touched anything related to AC stuff other than that switch.

Also I was wrong the power strip does have a 15am breaker in it and it does not get tripped when the fuse blows.

Then I would check the lps to see if it has voltage set correctly for your power.

If its set to 220V and I am on 110V will that blow the fuse?

Yes it will.

This power supply does not have a switch it only has a hard jumper soldered into a 110V connection on the PSU board.

Are there any other possibilities other that the PSU is just bad. Maybe the switch is bad??

Did you try unplugging the switch connections and see if it still blows the breaker?

Its not tripping any breakers its instantly blowing the fuse in the socket where you connect the power cord.

Its instantly blowing this fuse as soon as I turn on the power strip.

I would unplug machine then unplug the leads on the switch. Using the ohm meter determine what terminals are shorted on the switch when it’s turned on.

Ok I will go check that. Also if I disconnect the two AC leads screwed into the PSU terminals and then try the switch and if it blows that would indicate a bad switch, correct?

While the switch is disconnected you can measure the ac inputs on the lps to see if there is a short there.

Ok I tested the switch and I think its fine. If I hook my leads on the red side both lugs it sounds when in the on position. I then crossed check both the blacks with the top red on and made sure there was no connection there when in the ON position. I then moved to the bottom and test both other black and there was no connection.
So the only time I get the audible tone on my mere is when either both leads are connected to the red side or both are connected to the black.

Do you read a short across any of the black and red wires?

The pair that are on the output of the switch likely read a short?