Need a suggestion for a connector to use on an E3D heaterblock,

Need a suggestion for a connector to use on an E3D heaterblock, so 4 pins for the heater and thermistor. Have seen some people do this to make their hotsides swappable. Any suggestions?

Molex 3.0? That’s what E3D uses on their thermistor cartridges now afaik.

Molex 3mm (43025 series) is good!

dont u forget about the fans?

This is for the kraken specifically so fans are centralized while heater+thermistor are individual.

They make up to 16pin in the Molex 3.0 connectors. The crimping tool is stupid expensive though so keep that in mind.

Only problem with Molex 3.0 is that it’s expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, a low-cost version is to just use dupont/JST (the red cheap ones from aliexpress), but it’s pushing the amp rating of the connector a bit…
I was impressed by how the toronado extruder used them to create a really pluggable extruder module.

I like Micro-Fit 3.0, but my concern is it’s a lot harder to pull pins from the housing, once inserted, than any other connector I’ve used.

There is a special tool Molex makes for removing the pins, once again though, it’s expensive. We used all Molex 3.0 connectors on the printer at my work, definitely a good investment. It’s the tools that really get you.

I have the official tool and I still haven’t been able to reliably remove pins like with other connector systems.

I’m using this pin retraction tool for molex 3.0. I bought it from,model HT-319A. I got 90% of the pins easily retracted without damage of the pins and the connectorsmissing/deleted image from Google+