NASA Wrench cross section

NASA Wrench cross section

I think I’ll start calling my failed prints cross sections too =)

Not failed I stopped it halfway through… I printed 3 of them

@Jerry_LePore Yes, of course you did.

What’s your print settings? Mine wouldn’t turn.

Makerbot Replicator 2
Sliced/ S3D
no raft- no support
20% infill- 2 shells-.25 mm Layer Hgt

You answered my question how I works. Thank you.

Your welcome

Flip it over.

@J.P_Saini Print another wrench?

J.p. print a reverse one.

There a file for this? Looks pretty cool :smiley:

i see why alot of them are failing for people… no substance internally


This is a decent free viewer for STL files.

I printed one but it wouldn’t turn. I’m going to reduce my temperature and try again.

I had a chance to try one out on Friday which was printed on an Objet. I do have to say it was pretty slick. Worked well.