My z-axis is finished and now I have to set the z-probe macro (G38.2

My z-axis is finished and now I have to set the z-probe macro (G38.2 Z-30 F1) (G92 Z10) (Z0)
but it wont work. After (G92 Z10) I got an ALARM: undefined! My focus is 10mm about the micro switch.

Any ideas?

Did you use the function probe Z min?

No, nothing happen if i click on it.

Please let us know some particulars, such as the kind of controller board, the firmware version it is running, and a copy of your settings. That way we can make troubleshooting the problem easier and quicker. Thanks in advance.

im no pro at gcode but at g92 z10 sets the z to 10 at current position, then wouldnt the following z0 cause it to rehit the limit switch?

I think I found the Problem. I dont have a Limit switch in my Z-axis and if I start probing not at the upper position it fails because of not enough travel way is left!
I have to install a Limit switch in top of my z-axis to home before probing.

Or is there another way? Now I have to jog manually to the upper position until soft Limit is reached before probing!

@Domm434 depend of your board and firmwared instaled.
Which board and firmware do you have?

Grbl shield v3, arduino uno, grbl 1.1e

Is there a way to set the z-axis to machine z zero, not the work position?

Mabe this can help you to configure an connect the end stop swiches.

@Walter_K_opaque ​ refer here

@Domm434 right, i forgot the -