My WS2812 star project

My WS2812 star project


excellent work buddy , you made the hell of light, is it run by fastLED library?

That is awesome !!

Beautiful and inspiring!
Any tips to share now that you’ve gotten it this far?

An awesome set of animations there !

Very very well done !!

That’s a geat project!

To simplify the task I connected any branches to a control buffer and connect all input buffer together and to micro and for similar effect active all control buffer and send data,this approach simplifies project and if a LED get trouble other branches do their duty.

@alireza_abdiyan Not sure what you mean by connecting any branches to a control buffer ?

Can you show us your complete setup ?

What microcontroller are you using ?

Can you post your sketch ?

I think he mean in each loop only one branch has been bit banged and there is multiplexer to do that order , he save the memory by allocated the only one branch in each loop

@Hamid_s_k sorry that does not help…

What multiplexer ?
How is that multiplexing done ??

I use 74LS126 buffer and connect all control pins to micro and connect all input buffer together and connect it to data pin(pin that send data to LED) micro.I use atmega16
I use this library

When I did this project I was not familiar with FastLED Library

Looks great! The animations really suit the structure. I can’t get a sense of scale from the video. How big is this thing? Are there 32 LEDs per branch/arm/strip? One meter per strip?

Hi @Jason_Coon , just my guess here of course but I am certain they are 144/m strips, just from the apparent LED density.

If you cut them in 4 pieces, that gives 36 LEDs per but you would probably waste 1 per cut in the process to get a full pad area for soldering.

So that lines up to 33 LED per strip!

I also took note of his very nice set of animations for the layout. Would be nice if he provided more detailed info and ideally a sketch but that’s ok… I am sure that I could reproduce it if I wanted.

Yes,there are 32 LEDs per branch, and each branch is 1 meter.

Hi @alireza_abdiyan , I just can’t see that this is a 32 ws2812 LED per meter strip and each branch is 1 meter !?

Can you post some pictures of the assembly ? maybe also how you got the multiplexing going with the 74LS126 ? Maybe post the actual sketch ??

Hi @JP_Roy Why?!

@alireza_abdiyan It is the main purpose of this community to share…

The creators of this awesome library shared it with all of us freely and provide invaluable and excellent support to boost. Thanks guys, very much.

Many in this community freely share their experience and provide very useful support to each others. I think you received some of that yourself.

Now, of course, you are not at all obligated to do this. This is something that you are very much free to do or not to do…

Why?! Why not !?!?!

@alireza_abdiyan ​ I would be interested to see photos of how it’s wired up.

Excuse me for my delay…
I took pictures of them and upload them …

That’s a very clean assembly! And an interesting board. Thank you for the pictures.