My wife thinks I need another 3D printer like I need a hole in

(Anthony Webb) #1

My wife thinks I need another 3D printer like I need a hole in the head. But seriously, any time I hear @Eclsnowman and @Alex_Lee saying this is the one to have I stop what I am doing to listen.

Will the 5th printer finally be a charm? The main thing I despise about the other 4 I have are without a doubt lack of rigidity/accuracy, the Rapide3D is more substantial, but why in the world do I have to constantly have to tinker with the extruder, the level, and for crying out loud the hotend. All of which require an entire disassembly and re-level to deal with.

Please tell me you are taking these things into account. I really want to love 3D printing, I have a newmatter printer coming soon as well, but I am nearly done holding my breath waiting for someone to do 3D printing right for once and for all.

(Alex Lee) #2

@Anthony_Webb I decided on creating this design for those specific reasons you stated.

All the Talos’ designs are pretty much 100% Aluminum for the structural parts, that means that all parts can be rigidly connected. We are using only authentic E3D’s because of their reliability and their community presence.

The autobed leveling makes things a lot easier (not 100% foolproof, but helps a ton). I’ve tested with beds not level at all, and I’ve gotten very good results so far.

We are trying to make the printer design as open and accessible as possible, as we believe in getting the community involved, since we are all tinkerers and love sharing our work!

I will start posting more updates very soon!

Thanks for starting this great conversation!

(Anthony Webb) #3

@Alex_Lee this sounds very promising, very excited to give it a whirl. Are you thinking of doing a kit, or just DIY plans? I’d probably be in either way if you are looking for people to help prove the design.

(Nicolas Arias) #4

If you share the design, I will build one down here! (Argentina). Keep the good work!!!

(Eric Lien) #5

@Anthony_Webb I don’t have mine built yet. But the strength and design have me very optimistic about how things will work. I will keep you all posted with the progress.