my Ul-T-Slot but I'm making some revisions. As I speak.

my Ul-T-Slot but I’m making some revisions. As I speak. The access plate is inconvenient. instead I will flip the board and install it upside down in place of the clear Plexiglas and have a panel on the bottom for adjustments a la Ultimaker. The risers for the electronics/ z cabinet were an afterthought and are being replaced along with the longer upright extrusions by 22"long extrusions from top square frame to bottom square frame, and 4 x 16" lengths will run between for the bottom of the build area/top of the electronics cabinet. The bottom will be sealed by a panel secured to the tslot by m4 and t nuts. the panel corner will be routed to fit conformed to the Goopyplastic foot corners

oh yeah I moved to 24v and ultiboard 1.5.7 but if anyone can convert the pdf to gerber for me I want the ultiboard 2.1.1 which is designed better and for 24v without heatsinks on the 7812 or replacing it for a drop in switching regulator like ill be using

That looks great man :slight_smile:

How did you enclose the sides, is it just perspex / polycarb wedged in between the extrusions or have you sealed it with silicone / something?

Is it heated bed?

@Jarred_Baines its blue 6mm acrylic with silicone caulk to stop rattling from vibration

@Jarred_Baines sorry for the incomplete reply. yes heated bed. 24 v now custom made w/nichrome from the acrylic fits in the slots then i silicon-ed the inside corners where acrylic meets extrusion to dampen the vibration/ kill the rattling. I plan on vacuum forming a hood for it and a hair dryer or 12v heater for a heated build chamber. it would come from below and blow towards the bottom of the bed’s insulation to prevent drafts on the part.

Unfortunately I can’t use the pdf2gerb. The pfd includes too many layers. The program can only help me with 2 layers and a silk screen @Jim_Squirrel you don’t know anyone with the skills to help turn that into a gerb so I can get some PCBs do you? @Daid_Braam any way I could score a copy of the 2.1.1 gerbers? I want to try my hand at building my own board and I would like it to be one of ya’ll’s I got the PDF and pasrts list from the git hub

Rob, you using bushes or bearings? Am I able to access your build files? me your email and ill send a zip