My time has been limited so I have not been able to fix this

My time has been limited so I have not been able to fix this issue with the grbl-related workspace. Does anyone else get this problem with grbl workspace?

The serial port will just print out ? non-stop.

Grbl doesn’t report position to you. So you have to just keep sending it ? commands non-stop. Jarret Luft had a model whereby he would just send in the ? every 250ms or so, or perhaps even every 100ms. You aren’t supposed to see those though. I think in the new Serial Port JSON Server, when you select Grbl as your buffer flow in the pulldown in the Serial Port Widget (not the console) he hides those from you. Did you maybe not choose Grbl in the pulldown when connecting?

On TinyG this doesn’t happen because TinyG reports back to you on-demand in finer resolution as the steppers move.

I did choose grbl though. Maybe this mean I need to upgrade to tinyg asap.

I know @Jarret_Luft did some updates today. It’s possible he moved to some of my newer widgets and then didn’t reactivate his code that hides the ? marks. I think he was going to hide them in the Serial Port JSON Server level, but it’s more likely he was hiding them at the Javascript layer and now those aren’t being hidden. You could write a quick macro that subscribes to the /receive pubsub signal at a higher priority than other widgets. Looks for a ? mark and if it sees them returns a false, otherwise returns a true. That way the ? mark won’t propagate anywhere else. Pubsub on ChiliPeppr uses AmplifyJS if you want to read the docs.

Perhaps we can have a version 1.7.1 for us grbl users? The rest of the users don’t have to upgrade.

I can get that added to a new build of SPJS quickly. I am at 1.72 internally, but have only published 1.7. I added some new baud rates for TinyG that I could publish out there as well as a try/catch on an error I saw recently. Send me the pull request any time.