My Steampunk Watch Concept..or ..My First Post

Hello World! For this is my first post I think its just a ting of politeness to introductionally give you a short spec of my person.
I’m a 46 years old guy living in the Southern area of Germany. My hobbies are making things and archery
as watchmaking.

My just finished introductional piece of work is a
steampunk related watch concept with a 4.5 mm thick 3d dial and an integrated miyota quarz movement.
The case is routed from PU modelling board an the other parts are from either extruded or spring hard brass…

Hope you enjoy watching…


Welcome to the forum. That’s a very nice watch build. Did you machine the components your self?

Yes its all me … excluding the movement…

Thank you for the warm welcome.


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Wow, that is amazing craftsmanship. Looking carefully there are miniature pipes in that piece !!!???
An exploded-view would do this work its deserved justice.
I would also value knowing how you milled such small parts :smile:

I’m off office and so just can offer some of my design sketches…

Milling those parts is no magic as long as your router supports the precision you need…


Amazing work. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: