My son has a small vegetable garden,

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My son has a small vegetable garden, and we just built a bird-protection structure to keep birds away… So it needs a sign to complete it…
This is wood from an old Dutch auction fruit-crate…

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Is that all vector engraving? Should try that … bitmap didnt work too well when i tried last.

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Yes, all vector…

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Thanks for sharing @CescoAiel Awesome projects as always.

Currently we can get around 300mm/s with black and white 2 contrast engraving. Greyscale rastering is still slow. We are going to do some tests with GRBL instead of Smoothieware as it may be faster for the moment.

Little tip, not sure why but when you start your raster job increase the speed by 1% it seems to remove alot of jittering.

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This is actually 40mm/s @ 5%…

Once you’ve tested GRBL and can get us the proper settings, I might test it too…
One of the things that seems to be a bit of a pain sometimes is the Smoothieware planner. The other is the speed at which gcode commands can be sent and queued (which in turn causes the infamous ‘stutter’ during high-speed raster jobs)

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Will do, Claudio Prezzi from laserweb has created one for me to test but i have not had the chance yet to test it :frowning:

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If you could forward it or post it on the wiki, I can try testing it if I get some time!

I have remote access to the machine, and wired one of the smoothie pins to the reset pin, so I can hard reset the board with an M command… :wink:

Now to go and find that link for the SmoothieBoard GRBL implementation… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can, but its untested would hate for it to brake somthing :S
Ah awesome i have been wanting to do that to see if it works. Nice to know it does :smiley:

Here is a link to the bin file. Should have been made with the fabkit config file.

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I’ve listed it somewhere already… Not sure whether that was here, the laserweb group or the wiki/community site…

Anyway, I soldered a pin header to the reset pin hole (about the only header not soldered in already ) and used a jumper wire from 0.25 to the reset pin.

Also put this in the config:

##RESET switch

Switch module for reset control

switch.reset.enable true # Enable this module
switch.reset.input_on_command M80 # This switch is turned on when M80 is sent
switch.reset.input_off_command M81 # This switch is turned off when M81 is sent
switch.reset.output_pin 0.25!^ # This pin is turned off (low) when this switch is turned on, and vice-versa
switch.reset.output_type digital # PWM output settable with S parameter in the input_on_comand

And finally created a macro in LW4 to contain ‘M80’ (I had to also add a newline, it didn’t work without a new line in the macro field!)