My simple water cooling system. Home Depot bucket.

(David Cook) #1

My simple water cooling system. Home Depot bucket. I added a little blue food coloring so i could see the volume in the laser tube and see the airbubbles easier. I added a cover to keep dust from entering the “tank”.
I need to add a coolant flow switch next in the interlock circuit.

(Gregory J Smith) #2

A cover is simple smart. Colour is great. The choice will be up to others (daughter who must be obeyed). Blood red would be my choice :slight_smile:

(Joseph Coco) #3

I don’t have experience with this, but I’ve seen a flowmeter test which said a lidded container without air holes slows the rate (

(David Cook) #4

Its a decent size cut i put through the side of the cover. Also its just loosely sitting on top. Not air tight at all.

(Kirk Yarina) #5

I’ve read that algae will grow in plain water and gum up the tube, and is also a problem with water cooled computer parts. A laser equipped friend suggested windshield washer fluid (what I use), others use RV antifreeze, both of which supposedly keep the green stuff from growing. If you’re in the states near a Wally World they’re both about $2.50US a gallon. Cheap WWF is blue, RVA is pink and a little food coloring could make it red (sorry dear, that’s how it comes :slight_smile: )

(David Cook) #6

@Kirk_Yarina Thanks for the advice. I’ll give that a shot, makes sense.