My simple 3d printed rotary.

My simple 3d printed rotary.

This is Great! I might have to build one. I haven’t upgraded my controller yet, so I’m running the stock board (M2 nano I think?) Is there an easy way to implement a third stepper? I was thinking I could just order a replacement Y-axis stepper and swap the plugs whenever I wanted to use the rotary. Is it more complicated than that?

Looks great Jim.

@Kelly_Burns thanks.

Here’s a low profile version that would work better for a k40

My design has been working well for me. I may play around with your design. I have a hole in the bottom of mine so I don’t need the low-profile. Thanks for sharing. It’s great for the whole community to have options like this. Especially one that can be built was 3D printer and hardware store parts.

@S_Th1 it’s not as easy, but you can use a rotary with stock controller. You can swap the Y-Axis stepper with the rotary one. Depending on the controller and software, you either adjust your source image (distort) or adjust the STEPS/mm for the y axis.