My self designed CoreXY made it's first moves :-)

(Volker Klaffehn) #1

My self designed CoreXY made it’s first moves :slight_smile:

(Volker Klaffehn) #2

(Chris Purola (Chorca)) #3

Congrats! This looks like a SmartRap Core style box, I like the idea for remote mounting the Z motor to make things less bulky. Can’t wait to see how it prints! More CoreXY designs!

(Volker Klaffehn) #4

Yes, I borrowed the idea for the belt from the smartrap, but I have all the electronics, motors,and the filament spool outside the build room on the back. My goal is to build a printer with a 20cm x 20cm bed with a relative compact size, about 32x40cm.

(Imko Beckhoven van) #5

Corexy has a belt crossover and 4 atachment points. This is more a H bot. But it works :slight_smile:

(Chris Purola (Chorca)) #6

@Imko_Beckhoven_van The crossover doesn’t happen vertically in this model because he is running the two belts at different heights so they do not intersect. I did something similar on my machine, it makes for a bit safer driving of the belts as they don’t enter the pulleys at an angle.
He’s still got a CoreXY there!

(Imko Beckhoven van) #7

@Chris_Purola_Chorca ​ yes… My bad !! Sorry.

(Volker Klaffehn) #8

At the moment it’s really one belt, the crossing is the loose slope at the print head :slight_smile: Have to cut it to length.

(hon po) #9

Like the compact carriage, and moving the motor outside. Why use gt2 pulley as idler? It’s more expensive. Could see the belt vibrating, need more tension?

(Volker Klaffehn) #10

I used the pulleys as idler because i have so many lying around :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll replace them with printed idler wheels. Today I put some screws through the side walls and the motor mounts to make tha case more rigid, now the belt tension ist better. At the moment I do the cabling, heated bed is already connected and PID autotune was run, first test print will come soon!!

(Øystein Krog) #11

In my experience having metal pulleys/idlers help when you put a lot of tension on the belt.

(Volker Klaffehn) #12

At the moment I am really carefull not to have too much tension, because the idlers are all running on abs printed axes :slight_smile:

(Vaughan Lundin) #13

Great well done