My printer with kracken installed.

My printer with kracken installed.

I now have funds to finish my printer. I’m still on the fence on kraken or two 1.75 v6 e3d. For electronics i want to jump 32bit but the hotend is going to control which i choose. Also i need fasteners my prusa kit included all so Please give me suggestions for fastners. On ebay i found a seller selling kits of 3mm 4mm screws for rc cars utilmachines has a good selection but no bulk kit. So suggestions please!

With this printer it’s primary purpose it going to be printing prosthetic parts for the

@Jim_Squirrel mcmaster for fasteners. I had mixed results buying fasteners from aliexpress because 5 weeks is a long time to wait for $7 in bolts.

That’s where i was going for the m8 threaded rod for Zstage. i also pondered on the post that @Tim_Rastall about Syncromesh . i am a few
pulleys shy of being belt ready.

LOL! Nice Kraken you have “installed” there. :slight_smile:

Or fastenal if you have one near you. That’s where I’ve been sourcing all mine.

Oh and it dual prints metal and glass at the same time, wow :smiley: