My printer sometimes has issues printing tall objects.

My printer sometimes has issues printing tall objects.

Do any of you think that printing the z motor mounts laying down instead of vertical would degrade the structural integrity of the parts?

What issues? Have you got a fan pointed at it? That usually solves most issues.

No if I have a fan anywhere near the print its starts to split at the higher layers.


Pictures would be helpful. Do you mean the layers don’t stick together? Because that’s usually a sign of just not putting enough plastic out.

Ah ill see if I still have any failed prints that split.

What material are you using? and at what temp?

3mm abs at 235 for the first layer and 220 for all others.

225 for the others sorry. I recalibrate the z axis to a thinner margin, ill post a pic if it still splits.

… .35mm first layer .25 for the rest and a 3mm brim is what I’m currently printing at.

I would try keeping it high for the whole print. For larger parts anyway. No fans for ABS! I threw a vinyl bag over my printer and that has helped a lot of issues.

Ya I built an enclosure for mine to keep the ambient temp up around the printer, plus it helps from making my office like a sauna.

The only fan right now is an inlet fan for the ramps board, and it also acts as a air circulator for the warm are. as the case is all sealed other than that space.

I have 5 colors of ABS printing very well at the moment and the range in temp for good results with large parts is wide(225 - 245 and climbing). From what I have seen, darker colors need less heat but that could be a coincidence.