My printer has been down too long so I bought a baby one for

My printer has been down too long so I bought a baby one for $180 and it got here within days. Monoprice Mini Delta. The printing withdrawal was too great so hopefully this cheap crack will get me enough of a fix.

I always wanted to try a delta for no real reason other than “just because” they are different. I will say my MP select Mini (version 1) hasn’t let me down other than needing a new liner int eh hot end after well over a year of medium use. I also like MP PLA filament

This might help me make parts for a roughly 30x30x30 inch cartesian style printer that I hope to make from 3/4 inch aluminum rail spindles as the key structural ingredient. I have not tried a cartesian style before and I prefer the look of the box style ones.

Post some example prints if you have some free time.

$159.99, with free shipping in the USA, ready to go out of the box.

@MidnightVisions I am sure that is the pre-tax pice. The $180 is after tax.

@MidnightVisions maybe later. For now, I have other things on my mind.

We bought several in our Makerspace to use for the education out-reach program. They do a really decent job for their size and price. We get good results with PLA.

@Bruce_Lunde all I have is rather old ABS so here is hoping the bed will behave and heat up fast enough. I read that it heats slowly. What do you recommend for the initial layer height with that textured surface of theirs?

Ditto @Rick_Duncan I’ve no real need for a Delta, but they intrigue me. @NathanielStenzel you know you’re really in trouble when you go all “Close Encounters” with the toothpaste and start building minty Benchys in the bathroom…

@Jon_Gritton interesting…

@NathanielStenzel Thanks for pointing this machine out to the forum.

@MidnightVisions I am not sure but I think it was worn on people’s backs on a battery backup during MRRF last year…printing the whole time.

Nowadays, you can get a full size printer for that price. But it is cute though…

@NathanielStenzel I don’t think anyone has used ABS on these, but I will check when I go there tonight.

I know the heated bed will take about 15 minutes to get up to temperature if not covered which is about on par with the Rostock Max V1 with the first wiring setup that I used. Maybe faster. A washcloth helps heated beds heat up though. :smiley:

Oh. Right. I did not heat it to the full 100 but to only 76 before I got bored, aborted and decided to go to bed. Therefore, I do not really know how long it takes to get to 100. I was just guessing.

@NathanielStenzel I check with the group at our makerspace, they have only used with PLA, they could not get it up to temp for ABS

It might not do 100 well. Some do ABS at lower temps. I am told some have plastic stick too well to this due to the textured surface. I may try 80 and maybe an enclosure via cheap TrueValue hardware store plastic and some fridge magnets.

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