My printer finished it's longest print so to celebrate i printed a .5 scale

My printer finished it’s longest print so to celebrate i printed a .5 scale of the gear bearing.

Did you have to do any carving to get it to turn? I printed an AWESOME one last night, and am pretty sure it’s 97% non-interfering, but I can’t break the gears loose where they’re glued together at the base.

Nope just grabbed center gear and twist. It wasn’t as nice as the one @Eclsnowman posted but it moved

To be honest I cheated a little. I upped my retraction to eliminate any blobs. I also set the extrusion multiplier to .95 to minimize the chance of over extrusion bonding the surfaces. Last bit of advice is push on the center hub sideways to crack the surfaces loose before trying to spin. This deflects the surfaces and breaks things free.

I’m carving on it with an Xacto. I’m not ready to call it a failed print yet!