My print is peeling off the support.

My print is peeling off the support. I’m using Slic3r with 0 interface layers, pattern spacing of 1.5mm, and interface pattern spacing of 0.4mm. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… Does anyone have advice?

This where heat beds come handy I guess…

What material are you printing in, PLA?

PLA. In the photo, you see a gap in the print. The print is not sticking to the support, and stresses are deforming the part when each layer cools.

Alright, you might need to up the temp a bit. In print PLA at 197 C. I think you’re printing too cold so the layers aren’t adhering to the supports. I also have only had success printing PLA on blue Painters tape. The green tape doesn’t seem to hold for some reason. I also usually have to put down a new layer of blue tape after each print. Finally, your bed might be slightly off level so do a quick check of level at the six points around the perimeter of the bed. Let us know if you figure it out, and good luck!

Well my print is 220 to low speed and beatiful prints

3 extruders?! drools

@Andy_Castille , this is one of the @Printrbot Go machines. They’ve got one of these at Valencia College that I need to fix, in fact. They were actually so much of a pain even for Brook’s expert guys, I’ve been told, that they eventually dropped back down to only offering a 2-nozzle version.

Set initial layer to .2 mm and 10mm/s speed if it still lifts try purple school glue sticks works like a charm

  1. Yes, like what Steven said, up the temp a bit & ensure level bed. My usual temp for PLA: 220 Deg. C.
    My print bed is laid with Kapton.
  2. Try cleaning the bed with acetone or hot water (I usually clean with hot water).
    I have not used Slic3r before.
    What’s the ratio of your extrusion width to layer thickness?

“Leveling is important but that is is only step one. Step two would be to adjust the Z offset in the slicer. You can have a perfectly level bed but if your starting to close or to far your going to have issues. It helps to have the hotend hot also, if the nozzle has a bit of plastic stuck to it then that will change the height that you level it at. The Z offset value is unique to your printer and the way you leveled your bed. Don’t use someone else’s Z offset value.”

From a fellow CraftBoter’s comments in CB forum.

@Andre_Roy ​, since your raft appears to be laid down fine, l am unsure If the above Is helpful to you.

Increasing the temp to 220 was really helpful. Thanks for the tips guys.

Actually it was helpful, but problem persists… Weird. It’s like the air gap between the support and the print is too large.

@ThantiK ​, mine works really well. It’s not for the novice, but I’ve got it well calibrated. Learning Slic3r has been the biggest challenge. Makerware makes life easy.

I stopped using slic3r, and then came back to it, and it was pretty terrible, and I left, and came back again, and the most recent 1.2.4 is pretty awesome.

I’ve been using KISSlicer and Cura far more. KISSlicer gives way better support material, but I haven’t tried Slic3r’s for a month or two. Simplify3D also does amazing support material, and exposes a lot of advanced options.

@ThantiK ​​​, I’ll try out those slicers. :slight_smile:

Maybe you are underextruding? Just a guess.

@Peter_Csaki ​, yes I suspect that too. My filament diameter setting was off by +0.1mm… I don’t know if reducing the filament diameter setting will be helpful… Will let you know.

I did a time lapse of the print failing yesterday.

Propeller print fail - Timelapse:

Actually, adjusting the filament diameter property resolved this problem. I’m also printing my PLA at 220C now. Thanks everyone, this has been helpful.