My PLA prints are doing just fine without a heated bed.

My PLA prints are doing just fine without a heated bed. Glass and hairspray keeps them stuck solid to the bed. Is there any advantages to using heat instead?

I never found any advantage - hairspray on glass has always worked for me with PLA, no heat required.

I’ve seen a VOCs test where the hairspray did account for the most pollutants in an ABS print. That was surprising. I would consider of an enclosure with fumes extraction fans even for PLA with hairspray.

I have a Flux Delta with a steel bed and use “ordinary” glue stick with good results, unheated bed. The Cube3 does well with its own glue product on a cold bed with PLA too. That printer has a ceramic looking surface with a bit of tooth to it.

@Florian_Ford that’s really strange. Hair spray is hair spray

@Dovid_Teitelbaum the whole VOC conversation is about the same as discussing politics or religion - it’s best not to in polite company. He did say it was on ABS prints which almost guarantee it was on a 90C+ heated bed.

Well I can’t find the specific article but it was actually a handheld device that measures VOCs or particles something like that and because of the hairspray the PLA+hairspray came out worse than ABS and they said it was because of the hairspray. I don’t know what kind of hairspray that was but don’t assume hairspray is benign. They actually hide a lot of chemicals behind generic names like fragrances, etc, which are there supposedly to protect their secret formulas.
There are more safe hairsprays out there but usually people assume that as long as they will not use those for their intended purpose it won’t harm them to get the cheapest.

Well… heated beds don’t require any hairspray and parts come off clean and effortless