My Ox Spindle spins up with power up?

I updated my firmware from 440.18 to 440.20 on my TinyG and now my spindle starts up when I turn on the machine. Please any help with this would be greatly appreciated as this portion of my business is at a stand still. Thank ahead of time!

I’m not a TinyG user but I found this in an old forum post.

Not sure if this makes sense for you.

@jlauer @JustinClift

Ouch. That doesn’t sound good. It sounds like the newer firmware was created with different default settings in it, so you’ll probably need to either downgrade the firmware back to 440.18, or build your own firmware with changed settings.

That being said, that’s just assuming you’re using firmware created by someone else, which could be a bad assumption on my part. :wink:

Where is the newer firmware from? :smile:

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Tom setup this machine. The video he made was from my garage. He moved to MO right after. I have a neighbor that is way more Computer savvy than I helping me. I will give him this info and hopefully we can get it figured out. Thank you for the response.

Steve O

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John Lauer told me about it and we located it online somewhere. Thank you

Steve O

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Ahhh, no worries. If you don’t sort it out, let us know so we can keep trying to assist. :slight_smile:

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So, We were able to get it cut I just have to set up the job prior to turning on the machine but it cut backwards and larger and deeper than it was supposed to. Does updating the firmware require you to setup all the parameters of the machine like scale or distance traveled etc again?

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It sounds like the firmware update process wiped the settings stored on the TinyG board. :frowning:

Personally, I’ve not used a TinyG board myself. I do stuff with the successor project - called “g2core” - which (so far) has a different approach.

Since the settings seem to have been wiped when you updated the firmware, it’s probably a reasonable assumption that will happen each time the firmware is changed. eg best to make a note of the settings before hand.

Of course, that doesn’t help much this time around, if you don’t have the settings written down somewhere. Ugh. :face_with_head_bandage:

@BantamEngineering Just heard from Carl McGrath, whose does stuff with TinyG more:

The issue is likely that with 440.20 FW, the compiled in default $p1pof=0.1, likely a side effect of a test bench process. So off is not really off. simple solution is to issue $p1pof=0.0 and restart tinyG.

Hopefully that’s helpful. :slight_smile:

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