My old i2 wore out it's linear bearings, replaced them all with drylin.

My old i2 wore out it’s linear bearings, replaced them all with drylin. It’s soooooo much quieter now!

Let us know how long they last, Some say they last a very long time.

I haven’t heard very good things about drylin. Lulzbot gets a lot of criticism for using them. They aren’t even listed as precision bushings on igus specs. I would be curious to hear another opinion, it might be different this time.

BTW, the housing for those igus bearings must be very well thought. Too tight and it will bind or have a very exaggerated friction and too loose and you will get bad prints.

were did you order them from?

I got them from ebay.

Prints are identical to prior quality.

They are certainly more “precision” than no-brand LM88UU bearings.

I love Lulzbot for using them, all the machines at the hackerspace have them and they give no trouble, unlike the LM88UUs that wear out a lot. It’s the reason I picked them.

I doubt I’ll be reporting back on their lifespan any time soon.

Glad they worked out for you; I tried swapping them on a Wanhao i3 and print quality went noticeably down (mostly on y) due to there being able a paper thickness of slop radially. (The igus rep came out and the best we can figure out is that they’re not intended for sc8 or zip tie mounting, but a wear adjustable one, which could squeeze it.)

For my experience you got a little bit more of backslash, same printer with regular lm bearings.

I build a machine for a client with igus bearings, and finally we had to change all of it, and return to lm bearings