My newest Adafruit guide is live!  Thanks to Mark Kriegsman  of course and also

My newest Adafruit guide is live! Thanks to @Mark_Kriegsman of course and also @Andrew_Tuline for code sample starters.

These DotStar strips are the bomb.

I only added 3 modes to the code in the guide, with a button to click between modes and a fairly easy (I think) way to modify or add new modes. I know some folks were looking for FastLED button-mode-switching code, so, have at and see if it works for you.

My own personal fans, of course, have dozens of modes already and I’m getting ready to add in the timecode sequencing stuff. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN

beautiful , do you have any video

yum, I still need to make my own set of fans, that I am working on. I also have a LED Fan from Trick Concept also. -_- I own too much flow toys. duh.