My new version of the 3d printer with LCD.

My new version of the 3d printer with LCD.
A test with 2 seconds per layer 0.025mm:
2 seconds is less. Optim is 3-4 seconds.
How is built:

Where did you source your LCD? Also, what board did you use? I’ve been designing an LCD printer and was planning on using the Arduino Due, as it has a Cortex M3, making it a little better at handling the LCD on its own compared to an AVR-based board.

LCD 3D Printer V4

I noticed your LCD is pretty low res. How does that play into the quality of your prints? Do you notice any falloff on details depending on how fine of a detail it is, or is the resolution high enough that that hasn’t been an issue?

@_Spice take Raspi 3 it will do all of things

@Ionel_Ciobanuc do you think, UV leds would do the job with the LCD?

@Zviad_Sulaberidze ​ my issue is if I use RPi I’d have to run everything on Linux, which doesn’t handle timing in real time very well because you don’t have hardware level access. If I go with something like the Due I have access to the processor so I can say something like “wait cycles, then do this” and i won’t have to worry about a system interrupt or anything else that would interfere with the print like I would with Linux. It’s a much cleaner and safer, albeit harder, idea to use a board with lower-level programming.

Do you have high res images of the results? Really cool!!