My new tiny machine, for PCB prototyping and engraving.

My new tiny machine, for PCB prototyping and engraving. First try, works with Chilipeppr out of the box!!

It looks awesome. You said you spent like $200 on that? If so looks amazing for the price. Question is will you get nice clean milling accuracy out of it? My guess is you’ll get decent results since you’re using lead screws, but do they have backlash? We’re looking forward to seeing how your boards come out.

Actually I bought it just based on the results I have seen with it from someone else. He managed to make very nice PCBs with it, so it should be possible, but some tweaking likely needed. The machine feels quite stiff and no obvious design faults are present.

Fyi, it was the post of John Western, about 7 weeks ago that inspired me to buy this machine. I bought the package including a 2.5w laser with it. All together, 230 euro incl shipping (and still some VAT after customs)

Thanks for sharing @Menno_de_Graaf ​. Impressive accuracy for this price.

Does this machine use brass nuts on each of the the lead screws? And is it one or two nuts with spring between to avoid backlash?
Possibly you could post some pictures to show details?

There are brass nuts on both sides of the lead screws. Only one side is spring loaded. There is room for improvement as some brass nuts can still slightly rotate, which should not be the case. I will aim to add some pictures later.