My new Prusa i3

My new Prusa i3

Where did you source the aluminum frame? I’m looking to get 2 of them. Just don’t want to pay $100 for them. :confused:

I sourced the frame from a local engineering company for £50! It was laser cut so needed a little smoothing by hand, but wasn’t a problem. Have you tried sourcing locally, saving delivery costs? I just emailed the .dxf file to a few companies!

Cheapest I found was $50 + Material cost, which they wanted something like $40 for. I just can’t see paying $90+ for an aluminum frame. :confused:

If you missed out the Prusa name (criminal I know!) then why not just buy the ali and hand cut/sand/dremel the frame?

@ThantiK make box frame?

you get great print quality looking at the parts in video. what setup you use

@Karan_Chaphekar as in settings, software?

@John_Ridley Not seeing any movement in the ali frame as of yet, especially with not having to throw a stepper motor side to side on the X-axis!

@John_Ridley Without the X-axis causing the wobble at height you’d have to have a lot of speed on Y-axis to rock the 6mm ali frame!

@John_Ridley None as long as you have your retraction settings spot on! You maybe can’t extrude as fast as you’d over pressure the bowden tube, but there again in a geared extruder you’d just strip the filament!

@John_Ridley I agree, I love the way the Prusa i3 ali has hardly any nuts, instead all the holes are threaded in the frame and parts are designed for exact bolt length.

I will be printing one of your bowdens for mine. :slight_smile:

Nice print after moving away from calibration cubes

@John_Ridley I would try that model, no taxing parts for the printer, just requires a lot of cooling!