My new 3d printer build.

(George Novtekov) #1

My new 3d printer build. I decide to go more on the industrial side of building. This printer build will use THK Kr33 bought as used in ebay, I will drive it with new Duet as it incorporates TMC drivers capable to swing Nema23 motors on 24v. The overall dimensions of the print should be something like 250x250x400. now I need to find best dual extrusion option. For last I am thinking to build enclosure for it.

(rubin kingma) #2

Those linears look expensive!
But those ballscrews should be great for accuracy

(George Novtekov) #3

I bought every of them for 100 euro. So far I spend 390 euro, but I had some mounting stuff left from my CNC build.

(Googolplex Goku) #4

may i dare to ask what you payed for the kr33 and which length its a bit hard to get a good eta from ebay - i have a 500mm one and i also wanna use it for a printer/engraver build or sell it or gift it to e-nable havent decided yet got also a kr20 got both for 15€ and some more nice stuff to make a crazy something :wink:

(George Novtekov) #5

I was hunting them on ebay and I manage to get em for 100 euro for piece where two shorts came complete with Nema 23 mounting plate and coupler. Big one is 600mm double bearing blocks with permissible stroke of 450mm. Rest two are 400mm with max stroke 310mm. KR20 are slow. they typically use 2mm/rev pitch which will not let you do printer but depending of the max stroke you can build pretty good 3D scanner or try DIY Resign printer. Your 500mm one is perfect for printer Z axis.

(Adam Steinmark) #6

You were able to get genuine KR33’s for that cheap? They’re normally 10x that new.

(Googolplex Goku) #7

@Adam_Steinmark ​​​​​​​ i know - scored them on an local online fleamarket - out of a bionas system 2500 long term cell analyzer from a university they gave away for free 15€ was the taxi to get it home :wink: this was the best deal ever - dev iface, mounting plates and 2 ims mdrive17 where also attached :wink: omron mag. endstops and much more - i myself couldnt believe what i got there - they used it i think for 2-3 months theyre almost new and i promised them to make something nice/good with it :wink: but i need at least a 32 bit board to use them properly and thats out of my budget for the winter or if i find the motivation/time ill build my own board

(Jim Fong) #8

Those THK linear actuators are nice. Hard to come by on eBay for cheap. A few years ago they could be found for under $100 easily but not any more. I have about 5 of them in various lengths. Used a short one to convert a lathe to CNC a few years back. The others are just sitting around for the right project.

(Nikki Stone) #9

That so gorgeous