My money maker. :p and before you say. Their illegal. No.

My money maker. :stuck_out_tongue: and before you say. Their illegal. No. Not where I’m from.

They are still fun to collect… debts with…

I want a pair…

Awesome… a 4-portions-at-once spaghetti measuring device!

@Markus_Voigt you don’t like paper weights?

@Markus_Voigt or is it a way to defend oneself from some of the hopeless human being species?

A knife can be used to slice bread and feed the hungry, or to cut someone’s throat. The knife isn’t the issue… the decision is.

That being said, I’d be terribly uncomfortable with someone who showed up in the cubicle next to me with seven bread knives. :slight_smile:

@Markus_Voigt I’ve collected weaponry since I was 14 and I have never once attacked someone, and in self defense I have always used my fists.

@allanGEE lol perfectly stated. Time to use an AK as a paperweight :joy:

I mean, do people actually pay for these? Being that they’re plastic and stuff, I’d almost say they have as much chance to hurt the wielder as they do anything they’re being used on.

@ThantiK Yup. Sold 1000 in my city alone. They are made from petg. Out the amount of sold. None have broken. 3 outer shells 5 top and bottom layers with 66 percent infill. 244 hot end 70 bed

I sell em for 20 each or 10 for 150 and 20 for 200

@ThantiK they do however aid in kneading bread rather well. :smirk: