My mini lathe project.

My mini lathe project. Plywood parts are just for fit testing, proper ones will be 12mm aluminium.
The chuck will be 80mm diam. from ebay. Motor is 1.4kw RC helicopter brushless

What are overall dimensions ?

What is the stall torque of the motor?

It seems hard to find torque specs for RC motors. Most sites list “thrust” which intermingles prop angles and such into the equation. Best I’ve seen is watts, which can be converted into torque at a particular RPM. I even called hobbyking technical support and they had no torque information. Will this lathe be manual or CNC? I was thinking to build an “eggbot” which could be a lathe disguised as an easter egg decorating machine :wink:

@Brad_Hopper My asking is because with the exception of gimbal motors, most RC motors are built for medium to high speed, which may mean that running them at low rpm (like 200-500rpm) will give very poor torque. If that is the case some gearing (belting) down may be recommended for a lathe.

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