My machine (with tinyg 2) apparently can stand up to 800/1000 mm/m travel speed.

My machine (with tinyg 2) apparently can stand up to 800/1000 mm/m travel speed.
With 1000 mm/m there is a little issue, travel sent by gcode is just fine and it is also fine if I send for example a 10mm travel then wait for it to stop then send another travel command, BUT if I send a travel command before the previous has finished it stalls.
Any idea why that happens?
With GBRL I could just click many times to multiply the travel length with no problems.

Feed hold is sent when you lift the key but you never said whether you using the keyboard or screen buttons

Screen buttons, any length will have the same effect

If you’re using screen buttons and you’re seeing that, then i’m baffled. That would seem to be a firmware issue then. Can you make a video so we can see? I use TinyG G2 on one of my machines and I never see that behavior.

The first thing that jumps out at me is how massive your object looks in the 3D viewer compared to the grid. It feels like you have a conflict between inches and mm. The other thing that jumps out at me is that sound in your video which sounds to me like your stepper motors don’t have the torque you’re shoving into it with the feed rate and this is just a tuning problem. Maybe when you move slow your torque is ok, but when you move fast there’s just not enough power going to your steppers and you get that high pitch noise.

About the size of the object it is about 800x550mm I never changed the size of the grid, just default.
About the second point, when doing travels at 1000mm/m during mills or just issuing a long travel with the buttons it works just fine. It stalls only on multiple buttons clicks

Compiled the 087 firmware and the issue has disappeared.