My latest project. 3d printed in carbon fiber filament. There's one for each side.

My latest project.
3d printed in carbon fiber filament. There’s one for each side. They go on a custom $60k motorcycle.

Should paint these

@Jonathan_Knirsch why? They are printed in carbon fiber filament. Painting them would just cover it up. If they were planned to be painted, they could have been made from filament that’s half the cost.
They have clear on them for protection, same as every thing I do that’s in the sun.

@brian_alley because the UV. But you did a clear coat so that’s fine :slight_smile:

Always clear outside things. Clear has UV inhibitors in it. Basic pigmented paint doesn’t, even that needs clear

Where did you find the transparent red filament ? :wink:

@Catsmasher_Jones that’s not filament. I designed them to use factory type bulbs and lenses from Harley Davidson. I have filament like that, but for liability is never consider printing a lens for street use. It needs to meet DOT regulations and have a number on it. That’s a huge lawsuit, someone gets rearended, and had lenses that aren’t approved.
Product liability insurance on this stuff isn’t cheap, you need a million dollar coverage if things are operated on public streets


I knew that. I was joking, thus the smiley face