My latest and simplest sketchup design.  Animated using proper animation for Jeans viewing pleasure.

My latest and simplest sketchup design. Animated using proper animation for Jeans viewing pleasure. Using the specs off the nema 23 motors from the link Bijil provided and using 2 on the X axis as Peter suggested…

I like the plexiglass. You may be missing space for the couplers on the Steppers and shafts.
Any thoughts about end stops?

@Marcus_Wolschon I though about that, but without actual parts in hand it’s hard to work everything in. The whole things wood so even if I did build it before I had parts, adjustments wouldn’t be too hard I don’t think. I figures on using some aluminum angle for end stops…

Thanks for thinking of me. Yes, I really enjoyed your animation.

What kind of linear bearings are you using?

16mm linear slide guide shaft SBR16-150/420/420mm 6 rails+12 SBR16UU blocks

$135 with shipping on ebay

@Peter_Fouche1 Perhaps, but still a good thought to keep in mind. Plus the size is dictated by the length of the guide shafts. Would much rather go with the 300/600/750mm kit instead of this 150/420/420mm one. Or even bigger.

Looking at @Daniel_Would setup makes me think those nema 23’s can handle much more, or that I could go with smaller motors.

I assume that like me, the goal of every CNC is to aid in building the next bigger n better one… ;p

But my biggest concern is what to do on Ballscrew setup. There’s no way I’m spending what they all seem to want for these things. Wondering about size n thread count on a threaded rod type setup. And of course bearings for them…

This one’s is 270x270 (as highlighted by the center panel) with 62.5mm travel on the Z axis…