My laser went rogue...! Is this unusual?

New K40 user here, still trying to learn this thing and Inkscape as well. I had done a simple job with a small box that had some text engraved and then cut it out. I made an adjustment to the file to change the text and reloaded the file and repeated the job. But the second time when the job was completed the laser made a sound like the belt was slipping on the gears and then the laser started cutting a new random line. Once I aborted the job (shoulda just hit the laser off button on the control panel) I noticed the random line it was cutting was all squiggly.

Anyways my question is, is it common for the laser to have a mind of it’s own?

What control software are you using?

K40 Whisperer

It is entirely possible that it >was< slipping a gear. Well, OK, the toothed belt that drives the X and Y movements. Did you happen to check the belt tensions?