My K40's power supply just keeps blinking the red light and the laser head wont move home

Help me please, my K40 was just fine in the morning but later this night it stops working for no reason.

When I power up the machine, the laser head won’t move back to home (X:0, Y:0), it just keeps stuttering very little.

I open the right side panel and the power supply keeps blinking the red light. Looks like the power isn’t going to the control board, there’s no power in the red light indicator and the digital power meter.

I’m thinking the power supply is broken and needs replacing. Can some on help me please ?

Your shop and laser cutter look very dirty. Did you make sure the power cord and AC power was valid enough to run the machine?

If you order a cheap digital multi-meter from Amazon, you’d have the tool that’d tell you more about what’s going on. If this is a stock K40 then that one power supply in the machine does not only the High Voltage work for the CO2 laser tube, it also creates 24V for powering the 2 stepper motors and it provides 5V for its own logic and IIRC that 5V on some was powering the M2Nano controller board.

If your 24V went out and the onboard 5V is still ok, you might be able to test the laser power supply( LPS ) portion by pushing the red TEST button on the power supply and noting the power of the laser beam. ie does it fire and if so, how much current on the meter does it show(full, half, less?).


You are such a kind person…


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