My K40 laser head is hitting the wall when it is trying to go "home", what could be wrong?

I personally own a K40 Laser machine. I had it for a year and a half now. It always work smoothly until yesterday! When I turn the machine on, the laser head was going into position until it kept on going to the left side and hitting the “wall” next to the mirror. It wouldn’t stop working. I tried resetting the program and the machine but it wasn’t working. What do you think it could be? (I tried to post the video but it’s not letting me.) Is something got disconnected or not plugged in? How can I fully reset the k40 machine??

The “limit switch” which senses when the head reaches position is not working. The normal possibilities are that the wires have become disconnected or broken, or that the tab that interrupts the light in the homing center has been bent or otherwise is not going into the limit switch sensor.

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Take a look here to familiarize yourself with your end-stops and some of their problems.

These optical sensors detect the upper left vertical and far-left horizontal position of your gantry.

It is a common occurrence for:

  • the sensor on the daughtercard to impact the interposer which is a tab mounted in the upper left of the carriage. The tab may need repositioning so that it is aligned with the gap in the optical sensor and/or the sensor may be damaged.
  • There are various cables that go from the controller to the sensor’s daughterboards. Check that these have not been unplugged, especially the flat white ribbon cable if that is how your machine is wired. Ensure that all cables are fully seated and no wires have pulled from their pins or sockets.
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