My K40 Build

(Eduard Engel) #1

The Hi, thanks for adding me to this group.

I’am (re)building the K40 to the idea of this site I had to make some changes since it looks like that the casings of the K40 are not all the same in shape. For instance the space underneath the tube bin is lower than the example i found.
For now the guts of the cutter comes to live slowly. I’am using GRBL 1.1 on a Arduino Uno and use a cnc shield v3.0. I made a short video to see it lives, the led on the background shows the pwm signal for the tube psu.

(Eduard Engel) #2

My first test run, laser was still fired by hand. A lot of finetuning to do, but happy withe these first steps. By the way the laser writes “vrolijk pasen” this is dutch for “happy easter”.