My homemade cnc running with no laptop :) chilipeppr & raspberry pi....

My homemade cnc running with no laptop :slight_smile: chilipeppr & raspberry pi… Unbelievably cool! Next step: mounting camera on the pi… And wait for the x-carve getting shipped next week :slight_smile:

Cool machine. Just curious as to why you would’nt cut some OX plates and go that route vs an Xcarve

Thanks well I thought about it but it’s all about hours available… Time is a critical factor so I bought myself out of this one. But maybe I’ll build my next - even bigger - cnc :slight_smile:

Cool. Time is a hue deal for me too, so I fully understand. Hey, with he risk of sounding like a moron, when setting up the RB P2 (I have never set one up) Do I install the RBP image then install the SerialPortJson server and script?

I guess what I am asking is, what kind of OS do I need to install first before I install the Chilipeppr stuff?

I used the noob setup (online version approx 20mb) - installed it on the rb. Then chose the rasbian os. Straight forward setup. When complete setup the json server :slight_smile:

I understand… I need to get rasbian os on the RB P2

BTW I followed this recipe

graceful shutdown… That’s good to know.

Thanks for the info here Christian ~ the recipe link is the first really complete guide to installing JSON Server on the RPi2 that I have come across after searching long and hard!!! ~ I was quite befuddled ~ until I came across your post ~ one problem I am having however ~ I get this error “Error trying to bind to port: Listen tcp:8989: bind: address already in use…” This is the default port ~ I am connecting (Remote Desktop over wifi) to the RPi2 ~ do you have any idea how I can overcome this last obstacle?

Hmmm so after my comment ~I decided to give it one more go ~ manually started (still the error) and then stopped the server (command line) and then manually started it again… and it gave no error! Next step will be to test to see if it is actually running properly ~ Thanks again mate!
I think I should post to feature the link to the RPi2 install and auto start so that noobs like me can more readily find this information.

Hi Chapeux! Happy to hear that you made it :slight_smile: I am really a noob myself so it is a wonder I made the install myself. I am sure there are a lot of people in this forum more qualified to tell you what was wrong. Yesterday I also got the rb2 working with a wifi dongle so now the cnc is truly with as little strings possible :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Christian_Jorgensen Well in this case two noobs were better than one ~