My Home Migbot thinks it's PacMan...

My Home Migbot thinks it’s PacMan… xD

How is the throughput with these fanducts? Axial fans with a tightly squished fanduct dont work together very well, aren’t they?

@Rene_Jurack - they work well enough for what I print most of the time. I don’t run them much over 85%, and that’s when bridging. Tbh, I prefer my duct on the FB2020, but that’s not gonna fit on the Migbot unless I re-jig it. As it is that was printing ABS so they weren’t being used.

Didn’t want to offense, just asking. I did try many different fanducts and I am still looking for a good one.

@Rene_Jurack - no offence taken. This is what I’m using on the FB2020 -, highly tweaked to fit. The Fan airflow is split down the two sides and ends up as two blades of air coming from either side. I did think about using a blower fan, but space is just too tight on the FB, unless I get a small one.