My first upload to . Love the interface.

(Eric Lien) #1

My first upload to Love the interface. 3d view actually works great on mobile (android). Not much content yet… But I hope that will change.

(Dale Dunn) #2

Nice. I like those printable threads too. Did something happen to the large one, or is that by design?

My take on that problem was a small axle with adapter sleeves for the spools. I don’t think mine could manage one of those Taulman spools though.

(Eric Lien) #3

@Dale_Dunn by design. It was my first and was based on one I saw. Then I changed designs on the next two.

(Denys Dmytriyenko) #4

Great concept!

(Daniel Fielding) #5

Repables looks awesome on my phone too. Love the 3d view.