My first print I tried to print chain mail.

My first print
I tried to print chain mail. It came out all wrong
The bottom is all melted together and the individual links are melted together.
The hot end is set for 200.
The bed is set for 110.
I have seen other people printing chain mail with even finer detail than this model, what am I doing wrong?

First print?! Maybe start with something a little easier than chain maille

I didn’t realize it wold be that hard.

How do I troubleshoot this? What are the variables I need to understand?

I am using
Jet - PLA (1.75mm, Black color, 1.0kg =2.204lbs) Filament on Spool

Does that make a difference?

Thats a bit to hot for pla, try 180 for extruder and 60 for bed (a lot of people turn the bed, as long as it sticks well)

Also try to print somrthing simpler, you’ll learn hints along the way

Thanks, in my mind I had bought ABS, didn’t even notice I had PLA, thanks!

I usually print at around 190C. As far as I can see you Z homing is off - It’s too close to the print bed, it shouldn’t be that squished.
Also maybe try printing slower?

It did not fail, you made a fluffy little drink coaster!

Your bed is not level at all either. If you notice the filament is wide and fat at the top left, but very thin at the bottom right…your bed/level is WAY off.

Thanks Anthony, I’ll see if I can check that out.

When printing chain it has to do a little then retract so you need to make sure your retraction is right and it looks like your extrusion steps are really low try setting it higher and print slower on complex stuff