My first Home Made Vinyl Stiker

My first Home Made Vinyl Stiker

Cool. How’d you get the 2 colors? Did you use a blade?

What did you cut it on?

@jlauer ​ The white and black colors are separated parts. Also are separated gcodes.

I used a roland drag knife

I picked up a cheap dragknife off ebay only 10 dollars or so I haven’t tried it yet. But if anyone is interested they are available. It’s round too so I’ll just mount it in the spindle.

How are you, if you are, accounting for the offset of the blade? Most vinyl cutter blades have a 0.25mm offset. Is there a setting that handles that automatically like my Roland Stika driver does?

I am converting an old printer into a vinyl cutter,, and this is the last part of the puzzle that I haven’t figured out. You’ll see my post at the bottom of that page from around Christmas 2019.