My Eustathios V2 in FreeCad,

My Eustathios V2 in FreeCad, I don’t have Solidworks so i’m trying to replicate the work in FreeCAD, this also serves me to learn a CAD tool.

For the moment now just the bearing holder… :wink:

I love the ideology behind FreeCAD, and I try it every now and again to see if it’s worth using - every time it’s just frustrated me to no end. But I keep going back to it every year or so to give it another shot. :smiley:

Looking good. Keep up the great work.

@Ricardo_Rodrigues ​​ Have you seen onshape? It seems they use the github model, limited free private projects, unlimited free public projects. Apparently made by some of the original creators of Solidworks and can import solidworks files. Not free software or open source, unfortunately.

I’m sure that it still comes up short in many things, but I think it is usable.

Yes, @Eric_Duprey , I even have a invitation, but I’m trying to give a try on to FreeCAD for the ideology, like @ThantiK said.

I like Onshape but FreeCAD seemed more attractive to me.

@ThantiK ​ my thoughts exactly. I’m still trying to use it, but my needs are (usually) single use and I wind up just creating a quick Sketchup model.

@Eric_Duprey ​ I will try OnShape again sometime soon. My first try was frustrating, but they are still pretty new, so I will try them again later.