My Eustathios Spider V2 is stopping mid print.

(Brandon Cramer) #1

My Eustathios Spider V2 is stopping mid print. It gets so far and just stops printing. As of right now it will not complete a full print. I’m using the X5 Mini Wi-Fi and today I swapped out the SD card for a newer one. I’m using the ESP3D web GUI for the X5 Mini Wi-Fi, where I upload the sliced Simplify3D files and then start the print.

After the print has failed the bed and extruder actually turn themselves off. To get it working again I have to power cycle the printer.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #2

There might be a corruption in the file, Can you confirm that the file size was correct? How big is the g code file?

(Brandon Cramer) #3

This turned out to be a weird Simplify3D problem. I started printing with the extruder temp at 250 and then at layer four lowered it to 245 degrees. I tried multiple files when I was having this issue. After deleting the temp change I was able to finish a print.

I don’t really see anything in the gcode that would cause this: