My Eustathios is finally printing.

My Eustathios is finally printing. I had to modify many of the parts as I am using non Eustathios design e.g. 36 teeth belt gear, 8mm rods, etc. I am using what I have in stock. Right now, it is running on 12V RAMPS, non heated bed. When I have time again, I can try to upgrade to 24V and put up the casing.

The printing is reasonably good except for the vertical band. Anyone know what is causing this?

What are your print settings? Also, speed and acceleration settings? The video you posted doesn’t look too fast, but I’m wondering if this might be ringing due to acceleration and/or jerk settings being too high? Also, how many vertical shells do you have? This is a pretty good troubleshooting page:

Can you print out a 20mm calibration cube? It would be easier to see what’s actually going on across the board.

I agree with @SirGeekALot the ringing moving away from the rear of the vessel is most likely 1 or a combination of these parameters: Acceleration/Jerk/Perimeter Speed/Belt Tension.

*Edit - Just saw your video. You can scratch off Perimeter Speed :slight_smile:

I’d start off simple and try lowering the perimeter speed to something like 30mm/s and see if it helps. Otherwise that’s a pretty damn good print you got there!

Thanks all. I will work on Acceleration/Jerk/Perimeter Speed/Belt Tension.